FOX Rampage MVRS-NINJA MOUNT – the Action Cam Mount for Fullface Helmets

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Ride Handsome is proud to be the the first and only distributor for NINJA MOUNT in North America! This is the standard version – for all of those who own a full face helmet WITH a screw thread under the visor.
(Helmet and action cam / housing not included).

NINJA MOUNT RampAdapter Set – compatible with FOX Rampage MVRS®

This new NINJA MOUNT adapter is produced as a high quality 3D print in Germany and works perfectly with your FOX Rampage MVRS® helmet.

You’re a downhill, motocross or ATV rider? When you mount your action cam on top of your full face helmet, a part of the visor is always visible in the shot. And doesn’t it look ridiculous to wear the cam on top of your helmet? NINJA MOUNT is a great alternative for you. If your helmet DOES NOT have screw thread, please follow this link.

(NINJA MOUNT is patented. Helmet and action cam / housing not included. To prevent face injuries in case of a crash, always use goggles. We highly recommend a goggle with high impact lenses.)

NINJA MOUNT is made of high quality plastic material (PA GF30) using injection moulding – and its special parts are made in Germany.


  • Free sight: No visor in the way. The screw allows you to adjust the angle so you can define the field of view precisely
  • Great look: Installing the cam under the visor looks much better than wearing it on top of the helmet. #RideNinja, don’t #RideTeletubby
  • Better feeling: Lower center of gravity
  • Protects your cam: The action cam is mounted safely and is protected against dirt, tree strokes and crashes
  • Removable: You can dismount it any time and mount it on another helmet


  • GoPro Hero / Hero3 / Hero4 / Hero5 / Hero6 / Hero7 / Hero8 / Hero9 / Session / Session5
  • Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 / VIRB XE
  • Rollei 430 / 425 / 415 / 300 PLUS
  • Xiaomi Yi / 4K
  • Sony unfortunately not!


  • NINJA MOUNT RampAdapter for FOX Rampage MVRS®
  • NINJA MOUNT Standard Set
  • Installation guide
  • NINJA MOUNT sticker


Parts: black. Plastic screw: white.

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